<h2>High-tech medical equipment</h2> <h2>High-tech medical equipment</h2> <h2>High-tech medical equipment</h2>
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Sales - Medical Equipment Service Athens

EVIKON AEE was founded in Athens in 1989 by Stamoulis Skendos, who has been active in the field of sales and service of medical equipment since 1972. Today the company is run by mr. Skendos himself as well as Erotokritos Skendos, who also has years of experience in the field.
The company is active in the Greek and international markets. It specializes and mainly targets to cardiologists, gynecologists, physicians, veterinarians and radiologists. It can fully equip cardiologic and gynecologic clinics throughout Greece.

Evicon is an official representative of many world-renowned companies such as:

Our expertise in ultrasonic head service, linear, convex, endovaginal, and 4D special cases, makes us a leader in the field and one of the few companies in the world that specializes in this field.
Our company is an official representative of remarkable construction companies abroad. You can find examination beds, gynecological chairs as well as many medical furniture necessary for the equipment of your surgery.
With our experienced guidance you can make the best choice for your clinic.

For more information please contact our corresponding department.

EVIKON S.A. | Sale - Service of Medical Machines
Agiou Georgiou 19, Heraklion / Athens
Tel: 2102833914 Mobile: 6974585760